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How to Get Started With Twitter

Are you using Twitter to build your business or maybe to market yourself? It is very hard to determine what the big deal is about Twitter. Is it social networking or just a marketing tool?

Twitter has become very popular and to a degree a network of sorts, but then again, the network can be c…

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A Brief Overview of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is what your online business uses to reach more people each day. You can try to market social media by yourself or you can hire marketing agency like Hypesi which specializes in TikTok.

There are so many different social media tools and features available today that it …

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Facebook for Business

Facebook has a history of being a platform for people to get together and stay in touch. It has become a platform for business. More businesses are using Facebook as a way to expand their reach. There are a few things that every business should know about their Facebook presence before they deci…

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